Personal Professional Coaching

An intense and confidential process, a coaching engagement provides a partner who can bring expertise and an external perspective to help you address your professional challenges.  Coaching is ideal for addressing:

  • job search and interview preparation
  • career transitions (graduate student to faculty member,  junior to senior staff, first management positions, post-maternity career, returning to career after time off)
  • cultural adjustments (international professionals adjusting to the US, professionals switching between the for-profit and non-profit world, those switching between private industry and academia)
  • gaining confidence, poise
  • articulating and achieving career goals
  • addressing conflict in the workplace and improving interpersonal relationships with peers, direct reports and supervisors
  • getting through glass (or bamboo or other) ceilings
  • understanding and using your personality type (introvert, extrovert, etc.) for greatest impact and maximum comfort in the workplace
  • so very much more

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Coaching can be contracted by individuals, but often, employers are interested in supporting their employees with their professional development.  A partnership where an institution provides funding and feedback for consideration in a coaching arrangement can be particularly fruitful.  Please note: even when an employer pays for coaching and/or provides input on objectives that would be good for clients to address, the coaching relationship (and everything discussed) remains confidential.  Click here for an Executive Coaching Packages Menu, designed for senior executives and their nonprofit organizations.

Individuals interested in coaching should contact us to discuss a recommended contract based on their personal objectives.  Coaching rates start at $200/hr, with discounts available for multi-session commitments and other service bundling.

Group Coaching
For individuals looking for a less expensive way to reap the benefits of professional coaching, and those who value the benefits of a supportive group environment in addition to the expertise of a coach.  Vili and Ve Coaching Groups are currently running both live (in New Haven, CT) and virtually.  Contact us to inquire about joining a group or organizing a private coaching group within your network of friends and associates.  Groups can be formed with 6-8 individuals of compatible backgrounds or coaching objectives; long-term coaching groups often include 8-10 individuals.

SUMMER 2019 Groups now enrolling!
email Shana Ross directly.

Shana Ross currently coaches all Vili and Ve groups directly, and offers two formats: intensive group coaching, where members meet weekly and each work on specific personal goals related to their career, and long-term topical coaching, where members meet monthly and discuss a series of leadership topics that can be applied to their professional interactions.

FAQ’s about Coaching

Coaching for Fundraisers
Shana is able to provide a seamless blend of professional consultation and personal coaching for executives who have fundraising duties.  Perfect for Executive Directors who have come through the program ranks and now find themselves with significant responsibility for fundraising, or for Directors of Development who are new to the rigors of the top strategic position for fundraising in an organization.  Get a free taste by submitting a question for the mailbag at