Development Coaching for Nonprofit Executives

The nonprofit sector tends to promote leaders with excellent qualifications, but without a particularly linear training path to their position.

Sometimes leaders emerge from the program side of their organization, and these individuals tend to be earnest leaders who understand the mission deeply, but may not have had much experience with fundraising.  Leaders coming from the for-profit world may have a wealth of management experience but difficulty adapting to their new organizational culture.  Younger leaders with infinite potential find themselves thrust into sink or swim scenarios.

There are very few executive managers who are “perfect” leaders for any organization – professional coaching is a way to directly target and address specific shortcomings that concern the governing board, limit an Executive Director’s effectiveness, and/or cause the type of personal distress that can lead to burnout.

Our Development Coaching packages can focus on specific management concerns of the board, general leadership development, or, one of our most popular products – “development” development, in which an executive director works one-on-one with principal Shana Ross in bi-weekly sessions to improve the organization’s fundraising efforts, combining strategy consulting with targeted coaching of the organization’s top fundraiser.