Act Like A Leader Workshops

Act Like A Leader:

Drawing on her early training in theater and incorporating years of experience and formal study of contemporary management, Shana has developed the Act Like A Leader series of standalone workshops that can be easily adapted for any group, from high school students to senior professionals.

Act Like A Leader workshops currently available include:

Board Workshops:
From technical training to facilitated conversation on organizational issues to team building, Vili and Ve Solutions would be pleased to design short workshops or full retreats for your Board needs.  Our signature blend of good humor, creative and participatory exercises, and subject expertise is always included when we create an experience to order for your organization.

Suggested interactive topics include:

  • Fundraising 101 – Skillbuilding (did you know that in multiple industry surveys, the vast majority of board members feel fundraising is part of their duties, but report they have never received development training?)
  • Social Media 101 (twitter, Facebook, youtube, linked in, pinterest…the tools keep proliferating – are you confident your organization has the appropriate strategies and policies? How should board members pitch in?)
  • Governance 101 (board members want their organization to succeed…but would they agree on their own job description?  What are the duties of the board?)
  • Team-building
  • Telling our Story: Constructing a Shared Institutional Narrative
  • What’s Driving our Mission-Driven Organization?
  • Transition Management – do we have a plan?
  • Strategic Planning 101
  • Evaluation: Are we asking the right questions and reporting the right answers?

Custom Workshops or Multi-session Courses:
Our team enjoys creating new leadership curricula – we will work with you to outline learning objectives, understand the nuances of your group’s needs, and design a workshop (or series) that perfectly meets your needs.  That said, you’re probably not alone – several of our most popular workshops began their lives as custom designed presentations, and if we are developing similar workshops for other clients, we may be able to adjust our fee for curriculum design.

 Contact us to discuss pricing or ask any questions.