Act Like a Leader: Authenticity

3 hour workshop.

Authenticity is a commonly examined and discussed topic in leadership literature – today, the perception of being too polished and perfect leads to the assumption that leader must be hiding something.  We prize leaders who we believe to be sincere and honest, who give us the feeling they have a strong sense of integrity, that they are “real.”  Unfortunately, authenticity is in the eye of the beholder – it is a perception, not a personal trait.  Learning how to successfully communicate in one-on-one and group settings means honing your self-presentation such that your words, gestures and actions are understood as intended.  This workshop will empower you to express more of “yourself” in your professional life, introducing several acting exercises that will help expand your communications toolbox, and providing a brief, safe space for practicing the vulnerable art of honesty.

Key takeaways include:

  1. A chance to articulate important elements of your own unique leadership style
  2. A framework for building a feedback loop that identifies how your actions are perceived, and uses that information to refine your communications for greater congruence between perception and intention
  3. Guidelines for successful exposure of authentic self in the workplace
  4. Practice with increased honesty and vulnerability in a professional setting