Act Like A Leader: Improvisation in Real Life

3 hour workshop.

Improvisation is one of the most essential underpinnings of an actor’s craft.  It is the product of finely honed skills in communication and adaptation, tools that are as useful in professional life as they are to exploring authentic characters on a stage.  This workshop provides an introduction to several exercises used to train actors, as well as a primer on emotional intelligence and its use in business settings.  Participants will learn some techniques for becoming comfortable with spontaneity, using their emotions and personal history to inform their interactions, and achieving their objectives in various scenarios.  Useful for people who lie awake at night rehearsing conversations as well as those simply interested in developing their communications skills.

Key takeaways include:
1) An understanding of the Mayer-Salovey model of Emotional Intelligence (and its applications)
2) Introduction to SMART goal setting framework
3) Experience using both new tools in common workplace scenarios
4) Tips for feeling less anxious and more confident about situations where “improvisation” or thinking on your feet is required in daily life.