Act Like a Leader: No More Passive Players

3 hour workshop.  Designed for groups of women.

In the theater, women have historically been typecast as passive characters, existing to advance the plot or development of the men on stage (a problem that still persists in dramatic literature, sadly.)  But as women fight for greater roles in the professional theater, their desire mirrors the desire of professional women everywhere: we want agency in our own lives, and we want to find meaning in the roles we play.  Sheryl Sandberg and Nell Scovell’s popular (if sometimes controversial) book has provoked many women to think about what “leaning in” means to them.  Whatever your personal conclusions are on ideal work/life balance, however you personally define professional “success,” whether you choose to directly attack a system that is full of bias against women or to strive for personal advancement as a means of weakening that system…you are a woman in tricky waters, and anyone who does not purposefully navigate cannot hope to avoid the many obstacles in her way.  This workshop is designed to help participants identify passive habits in their own lives and provide a safe space for discussing and practicing strategies for advancement (which each participant will define personally).

Key takeaways:

  1. Identification of existing passive habits and techniques for making more conscious choices.
  2. Framework for retraining “natural” impulses to include a broader range of proactive and responsive actions in a professional setting.
  3. Development of a short list of goals (and/or questions that need to be addressed in order to commit to particular goals) and collaboratively sourced strategies for moving forward that will lead towards a more meaningful (as personally defined) career.