Act Like A Leader: Understanding Your Backstory

3 hour workshop.

When developing a performance for the stage, actors are trained to go beyond the script at hand and imagine the personal history of the character they are creating on stage. ¬†Imagining the “backstory” of a character helps an actor understand the psychology and choices that character makes. ¬†Using exercises designed to unlock creativity for actors imagining the possible history of their characters, this workshop will focus on uncovering insights and cultural constructs that influence our daily interactions. Using a series of proverbs as a convenient and lighthearted way to spark improvisations, participants will examine ways that our professional environments reinforce or conflict with our personal beliefs and childhood experiences, and work on developing a set of new tactics for their interpersonal toolkit.

Ideal for groups looking to explore the effect of cultural, generational or gender dynamics in their professional interactions.

Key takeaways include:
1) An introduction to several cultural perspectives that can dramatically influence the American workplace.
2) An understanding of how sharing elements of your personal history can build or enhance productive relationships in the workplace (or classroom).
3) Techniques for sharing personal narratives effectively and professionally.