Act Like a Leader: Viewpoints

3 hour workshop.

In the theater, actors are trained to be deliberate with all the choices they make, knowing that they are telling a story with the shape of their body, the direction of their gaze, the timbre of their voice, and so forth.  In our professional lives, we make similar choices constantly, but rarely think of them as such.  This workshop will provide a framework for thinking about these daily choices, then afford participants the chance to experiment through a series of improvisational exercises to see how changes in their physical and vocal habits affect the way they are seen by others.   Useful for those looking to gain insight into their interpersonal dynamics and take control of the image they project professionally.

Key takeaways include:
1) A framework for evaluating your own communication style and personal presentation in professional interactions.
2) Techniques for seeking (and providing) useful feedback from colleagues to enable participants to work towards a state where their intent matches the perception of others.
3) Identification of personal habits that do not help participants meet their professional goals and/or interfere with interpersonal relationships.
4) Practical experience breaking habitual responses and making more effective communication choices.