The Artist’s Way Creative Cluster Course

NEW for Fall 2018

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Beginning October 2018, Shana Ross and psychologist Marianne Pantalon will be co-facilitating a 12 week course using The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron, using writing as a technique for restoring, enhancing, and/or significantly advancing creativity in all aspects of participants’ lives.  The course focuses on transformation, defined and undertaken by each individual, and communal support for that intensive work.  This course is equally appropriate for creators who seek to upgrade their creative output and for individuals who seek to use creativity techniques to improve their personal and/or professional lives.  This is not a therapeutic setting.

This is a live course with limited seats.  Participants must commit to supporting the group as well as their own process, and should consider all sessions mandatory.  Thursdays, 5:30 – 8:00 pm, New Haven, CT.  Course fee: $500**

**In lieu of offering a financial aid process, the facilitators have volunteered to conduct this course on a Pay What You Can basis FOR FALL 2018.  Participants are aware of the fair market value of this course ($500) and are well aware of their own capacity.  Course fees (at your level of ability, no questions asked) should be paid in advance of the first session.  The facilitators have made this commitment in good faith, to ensure this course is possible for all those who know they need this creative recovery.

Applications must be submitted by October 20.  Click here to apply!

To submit payment, click here.

About the facilitators:

Shana Ross is founder and principal of Vili and Ve Solutions, where she has served the global nonprofit community since 2010 as an organizational consultant and executive coach, developing and using a variety of arts based approaches to leadership development.  She is also a playwright and poet who has recently returned to writing after an 18 year hiatus, with 9 publication credits in 2018.

Marianne Pantalon, PhD provides psychotherapy and personal/executive coaching in and around New Haven.  A licensed clinical and school psychologist as well as a serial social entrepreneur, Dr. Pantalon is co-owner of the Center for Progressive Recovery, a behavioral health training company.

Shana and Marianne are both facilitators in the Interpersonal and Group Dynamics Program at the Yale School of Management.

Key to The Artist’s Way is the tenet that “there are no gurus.”  Shana and Marianne will fully participate in this group as peer-members working towards their own transformations, while using their expertise to ensure optimal conditions for group and individual growth during the 12 weeks.