Our Name

In Norse mythology, Odin and his two brothers, Vili and Ve were walking along the shore and crafted humanity – the first man and the first woman – out of two pieces of driftwood.

Odin breathed life into them, but that was not enough yet to call them human.

Vili gave them the gift of sharp wit and warm, caring hearts, and he balanced the two.  Ve gave them all the tools they needed to communicate; he gave them language, showed them how to show their feelings on their faces, how to speak with their bodies.

WFF workshop photo 11.12

Founder Shana Ross, directing a workshop for the Women’s Faculty Forum at Yale University.

Vili and Ve Solutions is dedicated to helping organizations and individuals perform better…with sharp wit, warm heart, and all the modern tools and technologies of communication.

Led by a poet and playwright with an MBA and 10 years of experience in the nonprofit sector, Vili and Ve provides coaching, consulting and contract services that integrate exceptional knowledge of mission-driven organizations and management strategy with warmth and a collaborative approach.

Vili and Ve Solutions: using humanity’s finest gifts to help you do your good work, better.