Capacity Building

Fundraising is critical to almost every organization, and in an increasingly competitive market, securing the funds needed for your operations, this year and in the future, is a challenge.

Vili and Ve specializes in analyzing your current fundraising operations and
making recommendations that will improve the development foundations of
your organization – growing your fundraising portfolio in ways that emphasize 
diversification and sustainable increases.

Our consultants are also available for contract work: designing donor
communications, mailings and/or new media campaigns; coordinating special
events from idea to celebration to thank you notes; interim services for
organizations between development leaders to keep delicate relationships and
department management steady during a search.

Vili and Ve Principal Shana Ross has had significant experience and exposure 
to every aspect of fundraising, both leading and advising development efforts
 across the US. Serving as a master craftsman and an innovative social
entrepreneur, her approach will improve your organization’s fundamental
 development approach and add unique elements that will integrate seamlessly 
into your existing operations, raising your organization’s visibility and revenues.

Vili and Ve’s capacity building engagements have built development infrastructure and raised funds for organizations as diverse as:

  • A national domestic violence advocacy group 
  • Jewish cultural and educational non-profits
  • A state chapter of an international network of cancer support affiliates
  • A summer arts festival
  • A North American feminist media advocacy group and its network of local chapters