With greater accountability and quantitative metrics of evaluation something that the world of philanthropy is pushing for when making grants and contributions of any size, organizations may find themselves without the manpower and/or expertise to remain competitive.

Vili and Ve is experienced in designing program evaluations from start to finish, and blending quantitative and qualitative measurements in ways that will satisfy rigorous foundation standards without undervaluing the strength and success that more emotionally driven donors have intuited. Our approach sees evaluation as a developmental process at all stages.

Vili and Ve can also work with senior management teams and or board committees to develop a Program Logic Model, assess the organization’s strengths and weaknesses in a local or national context, and/or make recommendations for improvement.

Vili and Ve always incorporates evaluation strategies into formal Strategic Planning engagements, and has also:

  • Designed evaluation tools for a public school system and an agricultural economic development organization
  • Spoken about evaluation techniques to college groups, boards and professional groups.