Strategic Planning

Taking the time to discuss and document long term goals, not to mention identifying the resources and actions that will be needed to achieve them, is a challenge that every nonprofit organization should undertake regularly.  Vili and Ve has experience with every aspect of strategic planning, and can be contracted to help with the full process, guiding the Board and executive leadership through a planning process and drafting the formal plan, or taking on important pieces that require time and skills that your organization may not have available, from market or audience analysis to program evaluation to fundraising growth assessments.

Our expertise includes work with organizations at all levels of maturity, from the benchmarking and constant attention to growth that a startup needs to the need for stability and strengthening of purpose through improvement or program expansion that marks more mature organizations.

Vili and Ve’s strategic planning engagements have included:

  • Startup advising, document preparation and filing, and basic business planning for several organizations, including a fitness organization for muslim women (that preserves modesty while emphasizing health), an empowerment through rock climbing organization, and a group that provides deeply discounted entertainment opportunities (professional sports tickets, amusement park entrances, etc.) for mentors involved with mentoring organizations like Big Brothers/Big Sisters, etc.
  • Analysis and strategic recommendations for a women’s center who felt their mission and programming had become disconnected over years of operation.
  • Leading boards through formal strategic planning and assisting with the preparation of associated documents, including two family foundations, one nonprofit art gallery, and a chapter of a national health organization.