Vili and Ve is happy to provide direct referrals for potential clients, but here’s what people are saying about founder Shana Ross:

Shana Ross’s workshops are entertaining and liberating…she showed us how to free ourselves from our habitual responses to other people, and how insights from theatre can help us manage how we present ourselves.  Shana never discounted complexity, but she gave us tools for managing it.  She brought out the best in us.

-Cathy (3 time workshop attendee)

I first met Shana through Yale Women Faculty Leadership Development sessions and was attracted to her kind and nurturing approach, a refreshing contrast to the competitiveness of type A personalities of my colleagues and myself.  During our one-on-one meetings, I discovered her great listening skills and very useful feedbacks, which made me feel energized and well prepared to face job interviews and other professional challenges.  Lastly, I have found a new friend with a witty and playful mind with whom I really enjoy sharing ideas over a cup of tea.

-Chohreh (workshop attendee, private coaching client)

With her keen insight and impeccable judgment, Shana offers top-of-the-line coaching that helped me grown into an accomplished professional leader.  She has enabled me to discover my strengths and hone my ability to articulate and communicate effectively.  After each professional development conversation I am better equipped to pursue ambition goals, and over several years of working with her, she has guided me into and through the career of my dreams.  I recommend Shana as a professional coach to anyone wanting to take their leadership skills and career to the next level.

-Kristin (private coaching client)